G-STORY, which means "Game Story", is a self-owned display brand of Dongguan Vilsun Industrial Co., Ltd. It is based on the brand positioning of "born for games, fighting for legends". Vilsun provides professional gaming display products for domestic and overseas games Players, individuals and business users. Founded in 2015, Vilsun is one of the domestic display brand companies which integrating R & D, production and making sales of consumer electronics products. The company is located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, and the offline factory is located in Dalang, Dongguan. The main products are portable game monitors, integrated game monitors, desktop large screen monitors and game accessories.
  • Brand positioning

    Born for games, fighting for legends.

  • Brand culture

    Let players experience the thrill of the game anytime and anywhere.

  • Brand vision

    Following the development of professional game consoles, continue to incorporate the latest VA technology into G-STORY products, so that professional gamers can perfectly enjoy the game scene, and create the first brand of professional game portable (mobile) displays.

  • G-stroyBrand
    Development path

    Company headquarters: Dongguan

    In 2006, the predecessor of Vilsun --- Shenzhen Benge Technology Co., Ltd. was established to develop display solutions;

    In 2010, producing supported displays for PS3 and Xbox 360 ODM;

    In 2014, producing supported display for PS4 and ODM;

    In 2015, Dongguan Vilsun Industrial Co., Ltd. was established, launched its own display brand G-STORY, and has an independent technology research and development, product manufacturing factory-Dongguan Vilsun Electronics Co., Ltd .;

    In 2016, G-STORY professional gaming monitors entered overseas mainstream online markets-Amazonand eBay;

    In 2018, G-STORY focused on online Taobao and JD sales in China, and synchronized with offline PS4 game console stores in major cities;

    In 2019, G-STORY releasednew model ultra-thin and multi-functional touch display, and sold it online and offline simultaneously.


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    Consulting Hotline: 400-1799-887

    Email address: sales@g-story.com.cn

    Location: Room A505, Building 1, Zhong Ji Zhigu Industrial Park, No. 1, Nanshan Road, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City

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